Group alerts Kano Govt, security agencies on activities of fake Coalition of Ulamas, NGOs

A group under the aegis of Coalition of Concerned Citizens and NGOs in Kano, has alerted Kano state government on the activities of a fake organization in the state under the name ‘Coalition of Ulamas and NGOs of Kano State’.

Addressing a news conference in Kano on Thursday, the coordinator of the Concerned Citizens, Ibrahim Sulaiman said that the call became necessary because the Kano state government had recently banned the controversial Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara from preaching based on the wrong information from the said Coalition of Ulamas and NGOs in Kano.

The group warned that the said Coalition of Ulamas and NGOs is formed by some like minds who use it as an opportunity to suppress other rival religious groups adding it will not go down well for the state especially with the current tension bedeviling the country.

They called on the government to be fair and just to all irrespective of their religious inclination as provided by the Nigerian Constitution

They listed a number of Ulamas in the state that have disassociated themselves from the said Coalition of Ulamas and NGOs while others denied even knowing the group.

These leading Ulamas in Kano include among others, Sheikh Nasiru Muhammad, Nasir Limamin Waje, Sheikh Tijjani Bala Kalarawi, Sheikh Bazallah Nasiru Kabara, Sheikh Musal Kasiyuni, Shaikh Sammani Yusuf Makwarari and Shaikh Yusuf Mairisala.

Part of the statement reads “Following necessary consultations with many clerics from various creeds of Islam and NGOs in Kano, it became apparent that many Ulamas disassociated themselves from the presumed coalition and also refrained from supporting it.

“From our investigation, it is lucidly clear that the so-called coalition of Ulamas and NGOs is not recognized by the majority of Kano’s traditional theological centres and lacks representation from Kano Muslim community.

“Therefore, the claim by the coalition of having broad based representation of Kano populace is false and misleading.

“We hereby appeal to Kano state government which placed the ban on Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara to unveil the truth about the conspiracies of a few individuals from almost a single creed to intimidate other Nigerians of different sectarian persuasions from practicing their religious beliefs according to their convictions, thereby depriving them from their constitutional rights”.

The group also called on the security agencies to beam their searchlight on the said Coalition of Ulamas and NGOs and its activities to ensure optimum security of the state and guarantee religious and other freedoms for all citizens including Sheikh Abduljabbar.

It also called on the Coalition of Ulamas and NGOs to regulate its activities within the constitutional framework of the Federal Republic of Nigeria so as to promote peaceful coexistence among the citizens of the state.

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