Tribute to a patient bird—Abdullahi Yakubu

By Abdullahi Yakubu, Kano

I find myself rather devastated when I resolved to pick up my pen to write what I still feel is a tribute to a friend who lost his life while in active service to the nation after a brief illness that led to his being hospitalised at the Malam Aminu Kano Hospital (AKTH) in Kano couple of days ago.

My late friend, Ahmed Abubakar, is the Jigawa state Chairman of the Correspondent’s Chapel and a Reporter for one of the leading Newspapers in Nigeria, The SUN.

“Ahmed Trust”as he then was, before his demise on 11-2 -21 was rated by his Colleagues including my humble self as one of those rare journalists with unique attributes because of his good character and excellent manners.

He was seen among his colleagues as a shining example of simplicity and decorum and level-headed. He was always after the progress of his fellow colleagues and a Counsellor to the up coming generation of journalists.

Giving his disposition as an introvert gave him the opportunity to swallow his anger even at the peak of provocations. Never will you find him fighting or engaging in any kind of aguement or controversy with his colleagues talkless of physical combat. His practical demonstration of joy was just a simple and captivating smile to show his happiness over any amusing issue.

I have known Ahmed for one decade since my days with the New Nigerian Newspaper (NNN) we have been together in Dutse day in day out and have worked closely together. I enjoyed my working relationship with him uptil the time he was asked to moved to Abuja by his employers The People’s Daily for a more tasking responsibility at the head office.

Infact before he left for Abuja, though against his interest, he told me to get prepared to take charge as the Chapel Chairman of Dutse. I initially declined because I was not prepared to face leadership challenges due to the numerous things round my neck after trashing the issue out he later convinced me and I succumbed and took over from him. He then quickly engagaged me into other private discussions on how he viewed his transfer to Abuja and what will be the fate of his family when he left.

Interestingly, I had to offer my honest advice(s) to him and asked him to depend solidly on Allah (SWT) and entrust everything in His own hand. He automatically accepted my view and all what I suggested to him and the rest was history.

That was the late Ahmed for you and even before he left this sinful world one cannot point at any person or group that the deceased was fighting or querelling with.

Besides, I see his death which was ordained by God as a normal process that all mortals must have to pass through and as good Muslims we must have to take solace in whatever is coming from Allah (SWT) wholeheartedly.We really liked him but Allah likes him most.

I believe there are alot of lessons that the death of this fine gentleman had brought along for us the living mortals to ponder upon especially we his colleagues in both Kano and Jigawa states. That this life is so transient that within the twinkle of an eye some one will just be reduced to the oblivion wind of history, and no matter how long the journey takes there will be a final destination where the passengers on board must have to touch the ground.

Death is inevitable, it is unpredictable it has no concern for anyone be he a king, a political office holder or whatever, he must nosedive when the time comes and one must answer the clarion call whether prepared or unprepared.

Interestingly, even those we considered having the green blood flowing in their veins as traditional rulers, sometimes carrying their shoulders high above the commoners must simply key in one day whenever death comes knocking on their doors.

They will not be spared by the cold hands of death and despite all the paraphernalia of office in their beautiful palaces, or offices, their chosen wives, chain of cars, and bodyguards, are normally left behind for others to continue enjoying when they are languishing in their graves.

Infact same thing applies to a politician who will come from nowhere and occupy high office with specific time limit to go because only very few of them scale the hurdle to be voted for the second time to complete their eight years on the mantle of leadership. Once their tenure is over he or she must also submit to death.

Whether he has completed his tenure or not, to prove to any doubting Thomas that death strikes at every one minding not the nomenclature.

However, it is therefore not astonishing when one stumbles on the news that the government of Jigawa state under the stewardship of governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar is yet to decide on whether to send a delegation or not for the condolence of that poor journalist, hence “he didn’t deserved our honour”

The state governor rather than acting humanly chooses to abandon the late Ahmed, his family on one the hand, and all the working journalists in Jigwa, Kano and nation at large on the other. The implication of this singular act outrightly deserves a total boycott of the government activities in order to proof to him that what he has done was wrong and must be corrected.

The funeral of late Ahmed Abubakar only attracted cream de la cream of the pressmen both active and inactive in the the pen profession why then would the press feel there is still anything left between it and a government that fails woefully to take their plight seriously in the whole of Nigeria only the Jigawa state Correspondent’s Chapel used their personal Cars to hunt for news as a result of the hatrate the governor has against this noble profession.

In fact even as at the time I am writing this Tribute there isn’t any representation from the political class from Dutse especially from the state governor whom the deceased help to build through his write ups during his life time.

The Jigawa state governor has not even contemplated talk less of giving the death of the late Ahmed a second thought . His refusal to send any delegation to condole the family of the deceased, colleagues or to attend the funeral on Wednesday 11- 8- 21 held in Medile in Kumbotso local government area of Kano state.

Infact this is very painful to us as members of the pen pushing profession who normally hobnob with those at the top echelon of power as a result of the nature our jobs this has paved way for sobber reflection.

Therefore, by allowing only the journalists to mourn the death of their colleagues is highly injurious to any sound relationship. The state government had demonstrated the highest peak of “irresponsibility” and ingratitude to the role the press is playing in making Jigawa state what it is today.

The level of hypocracy is too much to the extent that neither the Governor Muhammad Badaru Abubakar nor his Commissioners or political advisers took the death of our colleague with the seriousness it deserved .

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