Processes for sighting a new crescent in Sokoto Caliphate

The affairs for sighting a new crescent in Sokoto Caliphate is a sole responsibility of a high-powered committee called Moon Sighting Committee.

The committee which comprises prominent Islamic scholars as members is being headed by Wazirin Sokoto, Professor Sambo Sambo Wali Junaid.

From the beginning, the committee will receive briefs about sighting of a new crescent from individuals and group, screen the people who claimed to have sighted the crescent by asking them series of questions regarding the new crescent, in order to authenticate their claims.

The committee will analyses all the testimonies it received from individuals and group and ensure that they have met the laid down requirements for sighting new crescent in Islam.

After analysing all the evidences, the committee will write a comprehensive report for the Sultan of Sokoto, Dr. Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III.

The chairman of the committee will lead other members of the committee to the Sultan for the submission of the report and brief him on how they conducted their job and come with the report.

The Sultan will then chair a meeting with members of the committee to re-analyse the report to ensure that the stand of the committee did not contravene the teachings of Islam in respect of sighting of a new crescent.

If at the end of the meeting, they are satisfied with the evidences then members of the press will be invited and the Sultan will make the announcement for sighting of a new crescent to the general public.

However, if the meeting dissatisfied with the evidences then the Wazirin Sokoto will be directed to make a public announcement that new crescent is not sighted.

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