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I never regret removing Emir Sanusi–Ganduje

Nazifi Dawud

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje says he has no regrets for sacking a former emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II from his throne following a protracted dispute believed to be political.

Daily Telescope reports that Mr Ganduje made the remarks on Tuesday in Abuja during a book launching ceremony on former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The governor said he dethroned Mr Sanusi to preserve the sanctity of the traditional institution in Kano state, adding that Sanusi was ab initio unfit to hold the coveted position.

He explained that Sanusi was appointed as the emir of Kano not because he was the most qualified but because then governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso wanted to spite Mr Jonathan with whom he had a political dispute.

Mr Ganduje recalled how Mr Jonathan dismissed Mr Sanusi as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2014 after the latter revealed that a sum of $49 billion were stolen by Mr Jonathan’s government.

The governor said the former CBN governor was wrong to have made the revelation publicly instead of privately informing the president.

According to him, “Jonathan took a bold step in sacking Sanusi as CBN Governor, which created bad blood in certain circles.

“When Sanusi said $49 billion was lost in Jonathan’s government, I said in my mind that No, you could have discussed with him (Jonathan) privately.

“You could have given him this clue and then he would know how to investigate even before those who had stolen the money would find a way of hiding the money.

“That statement, I said in my mind was not honourable. That statement created bad blood”.

Just over two months after Mr Sanusi’s sack from the CBN, Mr Kwankwaso appointed him as the Emir of Kano following the death of long-reigning monarch Alhaji Ado Bayero who had spent 50 years on the throne.

Daily Telescope recalls that Mr Ganduje controversially dismissed Mr Sanusi from the Kano throne on March 9, 2020 following a prolonged political dispute which saw the governor splitting the age-old Kano Emirate into five seperate entities.

“Sanusi was appointed Emir of Kano not because he was the best man for the throne but to retaliate what Jonathan did to him.

“That was in order to prove that what Jonathan did to him was wrong and that the people of Kano wanted their son as Emir and therefore they decided to appoint him as Emir.

“But when he was appointed, there were a lot of demonstration with people burning tyres here and there. But because of government backing, he was sustained on the stool.

“When I became governor, (that’s why you will laugh), I said yes, the Jonathan medicine is an important medicine,” Mr Ganduje said.

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